The Perfect Idea For Every Engagement! No Matter The Time of Year...

Adding a unique flair of color and personality to your engagement ring is a trend that's here to stay.

While some people may add a touch of "self" to their engagement ring through customization or vintage flair, others make unique ring selections by incorporating birthstones!

First, we've listed the birthstones for each month of the year!

January: Garnet July: Ruby
February: Amethyst August: Peridot
March: Aquamarine September: Sapphire
April: Diamond October: Tourmaline or Opal
May: Emerald November: Citrine
June: Pearl or Alexandrite December: Blue Topaz & Tanzanite


Gemstone engagement rings according to your birth month...From January to December, your birthstone engagement ring is just a click away. 



Garnet Engagement Rings Those born in January who wear a garnet are in for a life of protection and spiritual healing. A beautiful red stone, garnet's color is often compared to the sacred fruit it is named - the pomegranate. Best known as a gem with a rich, red wine hue, the most beautiful garnets come in other shades too, offering brides-to-be born in January an entire spectrum of options.

An engagement ring inspired by vintage characteristics, this 10k white gold setting features a princess-cut rhodolite garnet surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds. Plus, garnet stones are rated excellent for everyday wear! 



Amethyst Engagement Rings One of the very best reasons to get an amethyst engagement ring is that you can go big without breaking the bank. Amethyst is also a stone connected with the goddesses Venus and Diana and therefore imbued with messages of affection, sensuality, femininity, and friendliness.

This beautiful purple stone demands the room's attention with its captivating shades of light violet to royal purple, but this stone can also summon courage to the wearer and ward off evil thoughts. Is there a better combination when it comes to tying your true love to a rock? We think not! 

This striking pear-shaped amethyst ring is surrounded by diamonds hand-set in its 14 karat white gold setting. A real twist on tradition, the essence of the pear shape stone cut beautifully within an intricate wedding band, creates a spectacular, one-of-a-kind engagement ring that can be worn daily!



Aquamarine Engagement Rings Want a ring representing a double metaphor as deep as love and the deep blue sea, itself? Yes, please! The aquamarine stone is so precious that its history accounts for warding off rough seas and turning them into calm waters. Aside from its mystical background, the aquamarine stone is so captivatingly beautiful, that it's light blue color can bring a tear to even the most hardened eye.  

If there was ever a ring that genuinely sparkled and gave off a euphoric disposition - it's this one. This engagement ring and wedding band set features a cushion-cut aquamarine center surrounded by diamonds on this beautifully intricate engagement ring and can safely be worn every day. 





Diamond Engagement Rings Diamond symbolizes strength and power, so people lucky enough to have April birthdays not only get a ring that sparkles and illuminates but one that endures through life forever. Diamonds are the most traditional gem for an engagement ring… you really can't go wrong! For those looking to add a twist to their birthstone? You simply must look check out a black diamond engagement ring.

Fun fact! Oval-cut diamonds are the most popular in Chicago - the Windy City, and the demand for this shape has doubled nationwide in the past three years! If you're on-trend and onboard, this Brynlee Diamond Three-Stone Oval Engagement Ring is perfect for you or your partner. If the sparkling oval center stone wasn't enough to grab everyone's attention, the surrounding halo will!


Emerald Green Engagement Rings There's something truly remarkable and out-of-this-world about the emerald gemstone-- one of the world's most precious gems symbolizing vitality and honesty, making it the perfect choice to represent marriage. Maybe it's the alluring green hue it gives off, or it's the mystic powers of healing - whichever the reason, emeralds, throughout history, have been desired and cherished by all. So, celebrate your particular time of the year by choosing to wear an emerald engagement ring for all you May birthdays out there. 

Simple yet stunning, this emerald engagement ring is designed for that special someone with whom you're ready to celebrate life. Crafted in 10k white gold, this ring showcases a genuine emerald-cut emerald accented on both sides by brilliant-cut diamonds- as if this ring couldn't get more perfect!

Tip: When cleaning your emerald, never use in an ultrasonic cleaner or clean it with heat. Be careful, this stone can easily crack and chip. Just gently scrub with a soft toothbrush and a solution of mild dish soap and water! 




Alexandrite Engagement Rings When life is full of dozens of moving pieces, imagine a beautiful birthstone centering you and bringing you towards a sense of balance - both in life and in love. Alexandrite is often cut in a cushion or round shape because these shapes capture the stunning light hues that come from the stone. The other well-known birthstone for June, pearl, veyr delicate in nature. Pearls can lose their trademark iridescence if exposed to hot water and are very porous, making them susceptible to all household chemicals or lotions & fragrances which they absorb.

Unique and stunning, this timeless cutom ring is set in 10k gold brought together with an oval-cut alexandrite stone accompanied by brilliant untouched pearl accents. This fun and vibrant purple stone is a beautiful complement to any love story - and is rated excellent for everyday wear!



Ruby Engagement Rings If red is the color synonymous with love, ruby gemstones are compatible with showcasing that love. Aside from its abundance of red-hot passion, for thousands of years, royalty and the wealthy have coveted Ruby.

Did you know that in 2020, the nontraditional cuts and colors of stone engagement rings (like Ruby) are expected to be front row center on your Insta feeds?!

This unique and brilliantly red engagement ring is sure to get people's attention! It features a ruby in the center of the ring, accompanied by brilliant-cut diamonds, tied together with yellow prongs and a white gold setting (the two-tone metals are very on-trend in 2020). Choose it, and you have the most picture-perfect ring - plus, this gemstone can safely be worn every day! Show it off! 



Peridot Engagement Rings When seeking out an engagement ring with the signature August stone, you're looking for the peridot - the true jewel of protection. In fact, the name peridot originates from the Arabic word, 'faridat' which means gem - so it looks like the peridot was the birth name for the entities of gemstones, right? (Wishful thinking!) 

This signature peridot love knot engagement ring features a stunning round peridot center stone, with accompanying diamonds delicately placed along with the intricate and winding band. To top off this incredible piece, the setting (each curve) is set in a beautiful 10 karat white gold ring. Be careful wearing your peridot engagement ring in heat, or places with sudden and severe temperature changes (Sorry to our Ohio girls!) 





Vintage Sapphire, Diamond Encircled Engagement Ring | SpellBound Jewelers

Sapphire Engagement Rings Sapphire's breathtaking blues have captured our imagination and inspired designs. Ancient lore tells us that blue sapphire inspires faithfulness, fidelity, inner peace, wisdom, and insight — all of which make it a bride-to-be favorite.

September ladies -- think about sporting a sapphire engagement ring to signify your eternal love! Blue sapphire is said to be one of the most sought after gemstones in the world. While it symbolizes wisdom, this stone can also represent qualities like sincerity, faithfulness, and truth. 

If you're a fan of offering complimenting stones and want a traditional diamond, look to add blue sapphires to the band for an engagement ring -- an alluring twist on a beloved classic. 

Adorned with a genuine oval sapphire gemstone center and surrounded by round natural white diamonds, this oval sapphire & diamond halo engagement ring is worthy of a tabloid feature! These beautiful stones are set in a 10 karat white gold design. And (bonus!) can be shown off every day, as sapphires are rated excellent for everyday wear! 




Opal Engagement Rings (the stone of clarity) Those looking to wear their October birthstone as an engagement ring - take special care! While a notoriously fragile stone, its kaleidoscope of rainbow shades and shapes is unique, making this stone and it's wearer that much more special. But remember, opals might not be an ideal choice for all-day, everyday wear – they can be quite sensitive to their environment and are prone to cracking when frequently exposed to high heat or cold temps.

Taking you back to the 1920s, this beautiful vintage-inspired gemstone ring features an oval center surrounded by diamond clusters and is crafted in a 10 karat yellow gold setting. It'll bring about feelings of nostalgia and a life full of love with your partner - just be careful when wearing it every day! 




Citrine Engagement Rings (the stone of prosperity) Prosperity and rareness can go hand in hand. When it comes to the citrine gemstone, these two words perfectly represent the wonders this stone brings. The naturally occurring light yellow hue of the quartz stone can actually be referred to as lemon quartz. Many November babies love the warm colored stones that remind them of the autumn colored leaves. It's also a fun spiritual caveat that citrine was noted in ancient history as a gift for the earth presented by the sun. 

This trendy yet sophisticated citrine and diamond ring is crafted in lustrous 10-karat yellow gold and features an octagon-cut citrine at its center with 26 diamonds and its delicate band. Instantly add a touch of color and elegance to any ensemble with this versatile gemstone and diamond ring.

December blue topaz

Blue Topaz Engagement Rings (the stone of creativity) It's only fitting that the stone of December captivates the most fascinating aspects of the winter season. Light blue and full of reflective light, the topaz (in particular the blue topaz), is one of the most prized stones in the world. 

This one-of-a-kind sky blue topaz ring is crafted in 14k white gold and absolutely loved by anyone who can see it. This ring is sure to become a new favorite statement piece for all occasions. To keep your blue topaz engagement ring as stunning as the day it was purchased, be careful around direct sun exposure and chemicals! 

IMPORTANT to know if you're choosing a gemstone engagement ring! Remember that some gemstone rings are better suited as engagement rings than others. Looks aside and speaking strictly in terms of practicality, here's the deal: for daily wear, we do not particularly recommend choosing pearls, opals, or moonstones as everyday-wear engagement rings. Emeralds, amethyst, and blue topaz are reasonable options, while sapphire and rubies are the most durable of all outside of diamonds. This is an important consideration for the jewelry you'll be wearing day in, day out, and hope to pass on to future generations.


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