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The personal data requested in this form and any other additional information as may be requested in the job advertisement are to enable the Company to assess if the applicant is qualified and suitable for the job in terms of qualifications, training, experience, and any other requirements specified for the job. The Company may be unable to process this application if the information requested is not provided, incomplete or it is unclear from the information/documents provided that the applicant meets the requirements for the post advertised.

The personal data provided in this form will be treated as confidential and used for recruitment and other employment-related purposes only. It may be provided to organizations or agencies authorized to process the information for purposes relating to recruitment and employment with SpellBound Jewelers, e.g. qualifications assessment, employer reference, and background checking, etc. as may be necessary. By completing the form, you are providing consent to the Company to use the information for the limited employment-related purposes as described above.

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