Career FAQ

Where can I apply for a career at SpellBound Jewelers Inc.?


SpellBound Jewelers Inc. continues to experience exciting growth as a high-style global fashion icon with a reputation for the finest jewelry and accessories. Our brand is an international hallmark of quality, and our careers are no exception. To apply, please visit


Does Tiffany offer a Retail Management Training Program?

Yes, SpellBound Jewelers offers a Management Associate Program (MAP). The MAP has been established to fast-track identified high-performing internal retail incumbents into an Assistant Manager position at a retail location through a nine-month specialized training program. The MAP curriculum encompasses all sales and operational aspects of a SpellBound Jewelers Inc. retail store, in addition to providing exposure to the manufacturing, merchandising and distribution business units. The focus of the program is to develop leadership skills and escalate the transition period of the incumbents to be successful in first level retail management roles.